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Jim Rogers, our hero

Posted by intelledgement on Fri, 12 Oct 07

When “investment biker” Jim Rogers speaks, macro hedge fund managers listen. Rogers is the co-founder—along with George Soros—of one of the first and most successful macro hedge funds of all time, the Quantum Fund, back in 1970. Soros is the guy who infamously broke the pound in 1992, although by then Rogers, after a decade of 40%+ CAGR, had long since retired from Quantum.

In this interview, Rogers says (among other things):

• Dollar is due for a rally
• After that, it still has 50% more to fall
• Fed screwed up big time with the rate cut
• China is undervalued here, particularly Hong Kong
• Commodities, other than agri and gold, are fairly valued

…definitely worth a read.


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