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BUY BPZ Resources (BZP)—again

Posted by intelledgement on Wed, 30 Jan 08

OK, today we have more proof the market is irrational, if anyone needed it.

A Peruvian navy tanker transporting oil for our Houston-based E&P caught fire and sank today, and the stock is following suit, down 15% at this writing on heavy volume. If you don’t own any BZP, this is a great opportunity to buy. This company has an excellent relationship with both local and national government in Peru; this unfortunate accident is in no way a material event…has no bearing whatsoever on BZP’s great prospects for developing natural gas, oil, and—looking ahead a bit—electricity generation plants to serve Peru and Ecuador. See our original buy rec for more details.

This is a mindless shoot-first-and-ask-questions-later reaction by the market. We don’t see anything out there we like better than BZP around $11 and are buying a second tranche here (on a buy-on-close basis).


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