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Clinton and Obama for VP—it still works

Posted by intelledgement on Thu, 14 Feb 08

OK, it’s two weeks later and now Obama has taken the lead in delegates and is doing better in the polls against McCain…hence the dynamics are different from when we first floated this idea last month. But this concept still works.

Clinton herself should now approach Obama with the offer to serve as his VP if he wins the nomination under the following conditions:

  1. the campaigns continue; let the people decide who gets the top spot
  2. Obama agrees to serve as Clinton’s VP should she win
  3. the candidates agree on an arrangement to empower the VP; this agreement process can be brokered by Al Gore
  4. the candidates arrange for a series of high-level dual endorsements starting with Gore—that is, Gore endorses them both for president—and culminating with an announcement of their agreement prior to the convention ala Reagan-Schweicker so everyone knows the score
  5. both campaigns immediately deemphasize attacks on each other, coordinate their fire on McCain, and begin moving to the center in anticipation of November

Both candidates are flawed, but each brings to the table strength that the other lacks: Obama’s positives balance Clinton’s negatives; her experience balances his lack thereof. Sure there are other ways to balance the ticket, but no other alternative offers the power of this solution to energize the base, mend the internecine bruises, and allow the Democrats to focus on November ASAP.


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