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LOL is Hillary reading this Blog?

Posted by intelledgement on Thu, 06 Mar 08

Probably not…floating this idea publicly is not the way to go, IMO if her intentions are pure. Too much danger of either looking presumptuous (if she talks about him being her VP) or defeatist (if she talks about being Obama’s VP). Over her public career, Clinton has shown she is more comfortable with presumption than defeatism, but neither will serve here to close this deal. If she is serious, she should be talking about this privately, not publicly, and offering a pledge to serve him if he wins and wants her, in exchange for a pledge from him to serve her should she win, as outlined here previously.

But if she doesn’t want him as her VP, this approach might serve to piss off the Obamas so much that if she wins, she can offer him the job—thus soothing his supporters—with minimal risk that he will accept.

And Clinton doesn’t need advice from anyone as to how to piss people off; she’s a world-class master. (If she does win, one interesting dynamic of the Fall campaign will be to see if she succeeds at provoking a public John McCain temper tantrum meltdown…it might not gain her many votes but it could lose him a bundle.)


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