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Hey, you! Petition for more funds for prostate cancer research, please.

Posted by intelledgement on Thu, 08 May 08

From: “Rick Ward”

On 4/17/08 Darryl Mitteldorf of Malecare posted seeking leaders in each state to prosecute the petition seeking equity with breast cancer in research funding for prostate cancer. The petition was put in place for signing somewhere about 3/17/08 at

At 4/17/08 there were 2320 signatures recorded.

As I write this on 5/6/08 @ 2:30 PM CDT, there are 2736 signatures.

516 signatures in 20 days.

If people supporting new treatments, like Provenge, won’t sign the petition, who will?

When the National Breast Cancer Coalition circulated a petition demanding research money in 1992 they got 2.6 million — **2.6** MILLION — signatures.

I’m so sick of hearing the whine that PCa doesn’t get enough money for research! We get EXACTLY what we deserve.

Darryl’s goal is 100,000 signatures. At the present rate that will never happen. But more significantly, 100,000 signatures doesn’t make any impression on Washington. Not compared to 2.6 million.

So, here’s what I want EACH one of the PP Mail List subscribers to do:

1. Go to and SIGN THE PETITION (if you haven’t already).

2. Email at least 10 (TEN) of your friends (or enemies, if you haven’t any friends) and ask them to go to and SIGN THE PETITION.

3. Tell those you email to forward your email to at least 10 (TEN) people in their “sphere of influence” to keep the Power Tree growing.

We all get jokes forwarded to us, why can’t we do the same thing here?

Chain Letters have circled the globe by this device of ever expanding recipients. Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) is successful because of mining the “Sphere of Influence” each and every one of us has. Some have larger spheres than others, but we all have one. All I’m asking is that you USE your spheres of influence for something besides jokes, something infinitely more important.

Here’s what you can put in your email to prod people to sign:

Other than skin cancer, Prostate Cancer is the most diagnosed cancer of ALL cancers in America.
The incidence rate of Prostate Cancer is 2.25 times the incidence rate of Breast Cancer, yet Federal research funding for Breast cancer is 2.17 times what Prostate Cancer gets — 46% of what breast cancer gets.

This inequity must be addressed, and that is what the petition at aims to do. But it won’t happen unless enough people sign the petition to make Washington take notice.

Please sign the petition. Then PLEASE forward this email to all the people you can think of.

A paper version with 10 signature lines is also available for getting signatures at meetings or any gatherings. Not everyone is geared to the Internet. To get the PDF for printing the paper petition, just
write to and ask for paper petitions to be mailed to you.

Washington thinks in terms of millions — the National Breast Cancer Coalition submitted a funding petition in 1992 with 2.6 million signatures, and look at the funding picture now.

If each of us can expand the Power Tree. Just DO It!

Now, let’s get the signature count moving — Just DO It!!!!

Rick Ward


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