Macro Tsimmis

intelligently hedged investment


“Macro Tsimmis” is a weblog focused on the macro strategy followed by Intelledgement, LLC, an investment advisor service company. Intelledgement provides investment advisory services tailored to each particular client; however, we maintain a virtual $100,000 model investment portfololio—our Intelledgement Macro Strategy Investment Portfolio (IMSIP)—which forms the basis of our advice with respect to market investments for most clients. IMSIP funds are invested in exchange-traded funds in order to avoid the risk of owning individual stocks. Generally, positions are limited to 10% of the overall value of the fund.

The main purpose of this weblog is to track the IMSIP. The top three categories of postings pertain to the IMSIP: “Investment Strategy” includes general information about how we determine what to invest in; “Investment Recs” contains specific BUY and SELL recommendations; “Investment Reports” are quarterly performance summaries—click here to see the most recent of these. We also track the IMSIP on Marketocracy (scaled up from our virtual $100,000 fund to a virtual $1MM) and The Motley Fool’s CAPS (which does not attempt to simulate real money returns but instead tracks performance directly against the S&P 500).

Partly for intelligence gathering and partly for fun, we also have a separate model speculative portfolio, our Intelledgement Speculative Opportunity Portfolio (ISOP, a virtual $10,000 fund). ISOP positions may include stocks, options, bonds, and other securities. The “B”-labeled categories of postings pertain to the ISOP.

The date of inception for both funds is 29 Deccember 2006. Periodic updates and other information pertinent to the model portfolios in particular and macro strategy investing in general are posted here.

This weblog is maintained by Brad Hessel, of Intelledgement, LLC. The word “tsimmis” is yiddish, and means roughly a fuss or altercation, and is often rendered in conjunction with the English word “big,” as in the following description of a Thanksgiving dinner at which the subject of politics had arisen, roiling the digestion of most everyone who doesn’t enjoy the spectacle of adults arguing as if they were six-year-olds: “Oy, it was such a big tsimmis, you wouldn’t believe!”


Weblog contents copyright ©2006-2011, Intelledgement, L.L.C. All rights reserved. Intelledgement, L.L.C. are registered with the State of North Carolina as an Investment Advisor; we do business as an independent, fee-only financial advisor and money manager. The purpose of this weblog is limited to the distribution of general information regarding Intelledgement’s model portfolios. The presence of this weblog shall not be construed or interpreted as a solicitation to sell, or offer to sell, investment advisory services to residents of any state in which Intelledgement are not registered. All information contained in this weblog is believed to be accurate. Any information provided by links from this weblog is believed to be from reliable sources but we make no representations as to its accuracy or completeness. And please keep in mind that past performance is no guarantee of future returns.

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