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Accessing Posts

There are several ways to sort through the information posted on this weblog.

The default view of the weblog on the home page displays all the posts in reverse chronological order, starting with the latest. So, Merlin-like, you can page backwards through them. However, if you are interested in something in particular, unless it happens to be a recent post this would not be very efficient.

You can use the buttons on the left to look either at [a] particular categories of posts or [b] all the posts for a given month.

There are three general collections of categories: those containing posts pertaining to our investment model port (Intelledgement Macro Strategy Investment Portfolio or IMSIP), those containing posts relevant to our speculative model port (Intelledgement Speculative Opportunity Portfolio or ISOP), and anything else. This is helpful if, for example, you are interested in our strategy (click on the “Investment Strategy” button) or want to see all our portfolio reports (click on the “Investment Reports” button for the IMSIP or click on the “Spec Reports” button for the ISOP).

The “Archives” display the posts for each month. This is useful if, for example, you happen to remember that Fed started cutting interest rates in September 2007 and wonder if we had anything to say about it. (We did.)

You can also use the WordPress search facility. If, for example, you want to access all our posts about the Sprott Physical Gold fund, you can type “PHYS” (the stock symbol) into the search field. This will get you a list of all the Macro Tsimmis posts relevant to PHYS, and there is an option to expand the list to see all WordPress posts that mention PHYS.

Finally, we have created sets of search criteria that enable you to Google information posted on this weblog about each of the equities in our model investment portfolio, currently and previously. This is not a perfect solution; Google does not always include every post, and usually omits any post that is not at least a few days old (presumably until that post is found by Googleian spiders and weaved into their catalog). Plus they often include posts that are not relevant but happen to be temporally adjacent (this happens because WordPress embeds teasers in each post enabling you to navigate to the prior or subsequent post and sometimes the teasers include the stock symbol, which is enough for Google to pull the adjacent-but-irrelevant post into the search results list). But having the list of positions in one place is handy.

Current IMSIP positions:

Closed IMSIP positions:

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